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Intentional Living

These days, we’re all far too busy with our own lives to really stop and think if we are living intentionally. Work, school, relationships, money, society – all hinder one’s ability to take a step back and re-evaluate how they are living life. We’re so caught up in the fast lane that we hardly ever stop to smell the roses. And social media and technology doesn’t help matters, but only intensifies one’s inability to really lead a conscious life according to their believes and values.

Intentional living isn’t something you do overnight. The lifestyle requires you to really be aware of your fundamental beliefs and then consciously choose and be willing to make an effort to change the way you live and your behavior to reflect these beliefs and values. To do so, you have to really dive deep into yourself and figure out who are really are, what you believe in and stand for and then make an effort to create a lifestyle around that. Not many even know who they really are and because of lack of self, it can take days, weeks, months and even years to transition your hectic and chaotic life to one of intentional living.

And it doesn’t even have to be based on religious beliefs, either. Finding your fundamental beliefs can be a mixture of things that are true to you, including religious, ethical values or political views. It can even be based on something like personal transformation, leadership training or coaching. All that really matters is that you dive deep into yourself to figure out what you believe or stand for and then live your life accordingly. 

Because this epiphany of self does take time, you can easily transition into intentional living by focusing on living with positive intentions. With a focus on doing good and being good, you can easily start to change the way you see and experience life. By subjecting yourself to only positive vibes, people, situations and mindset, you’re living to be more positive and will bring about positive change for yourself and even those around you as you lead by good example. They’ll see how much you’ve changed and will then want to follow in your footsteps and transition into a more intentional living lifestyle themselves. Being positive is contagious and is what the world needs these days.

To really live the lifestyle of intentionally living (which varies from person to person), you have to realize that life is made up of choices and that each morning is a new day and you decide how you’ll live it. You’ll either live it positively or let your past negatively determine how you live that day. And because we do not live life inside a vacuum, you have to understand how society impacts your day-to-day choices. You can either let it affect you or choose to walk a different path. And finally, you have to really know who you are to be able to truly live intentionally.

To help you on your journey to live intentionally, Malas are necklaces that you can wear to help remind you of your good intentions or as a testament to a specific affirmation you may want to hold on to and focus on. These accessories are more than just jewelry pieces, but a constant reminder of your efforts to live life positively. So when life gets you down or something is hindering your journey to living intentionally, these Malas will help center and ground you as they remind you of your promise to yourself and your life.

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