How To Connect to Nature With Your Mala

At Mala & Me, our Malas are made from 100% pure gemstones. Simply wearing one of our Malas can help you connect deeply with the Earth. However, if you're interested in connecting to nature more specifically, here are a few rituals we recommend: 

Hike With Your Mala: Hiking is beneficial for the human soul in many ways. Studies have shown the repetitive nature of walking has lasting benefits on mental health. While you're trekking on the path, focus on the meaning of your Mala, the intent you may have set, and how spending more time in nature can help you achieve your goals. 

    Take Your Mala Forest Bathing: Forest Bathing is simply spending time in nature and around trees. It's a fairly new concept designed by Dr. Qing Li, but it's been something we as humans have known all along - being in nature makes us feel good. While you're soaking up all the sounds, smells, and tastes of nature, hold your Mala tight and embrace the magic of the gemstones. 

    Moonlight and Your Mala: New and Full Moons are the best times to connect with your Mala. When there is a New Moon, take the time to set new intentions, and when there is a Full Moon, spend time focusing on gratitude. Sit in the moonlight or outside and embrace the moon's magic and energy. 

      How do you like to connect to nature with you Mala? We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Comment below. 

      To view our special nature-inspired Mala collection, click here. 

      References: Crystals - The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren 

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