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Mala and Me Conscious Water Bottle Benefits

Mala and Me has created a beautiful water bottle that will cultivate daily nourishment and connection with self. Water expresses a vibration, given its environment, and since we are 70% water let's make sure our vibes are optimal!

Based on research done by Massaru Emoto, Lynne Mc Taggart, William Bengston, and an apple experiment conducted by Steve and Dan’s. We designed a bottle that allows you to customize the environment of your water with gemstones, positive affirmations and flower power. Simply unscrew the bottom and you can add in your own conscious intention, thus changing the vibration of your water.


Here is some information about the concept of conscious water and how it works

Massaru Emoto’s research demonstrates the concept that water is more than just a physical substance. He has shown that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words and ideas can impact the molecular structure of water. Water is essential to humans and all living things. About 70% of our earth’s surface consists of water and a mature human body has over 70% of water in it. That makes water a powerful source for nourishment and life. 

Through Massaru Emoto’s research, we see that a human’s consciousness, intentions, words and sounds can change the molecular structure of water. The same way a negative statement has shown to negatively change the molecules in water, a positive statement can be just as powerful! 


How the Mala and Me Conscious Water Bottle works 

Mala and Me has created a beautiful water bottle that will cultivate daily nourishment and connection with self. As we have seen, water can take on the vibrational elements of its environment. This water bottle allows you to customize the vibration of the water you consume to the intentions you would like to manifest. With gemstones, flowers and conscious wording, you can form a relationship with one of the most vital nutrients in the world. 

How is this done?

First, the main feature of this water bottle is the removable bottom that helps you customize your bottle to your own conscious experience. Here, you can add in one of our flower and conscious word packs, your own love letter to yourself, a self-affirming photo, or small items that remind you of love, nature and connection. The vibration of the stones, words and flowers you place at the bottom of the bottle will be absorbed by the water through the porous glass. This means that the water you are now consuming is filled with positive vibrations that will help you manifest more of what you want day-to-day.

As an example, if your intention is to manifest more self-love, you can place items such as rose quartz, a love letter to yourself and the word “love” in the bottom of the water bottle. The vibration of those positive words and elements will be absorbed into your water, consumed by you and then absorbed into your body. The water and it’s vibration becomes part of you, at a DNA level. This promotes a mind, body connection, releasing the positive vibrations you want to receive more of. 

Where to buy

You can purchase a Mala and Me Conscious Water Bottle online. You can also find them in stores at The Makers Keep in Edmonton

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