3 easy ways to recharge during the week

Posted: May 23 2017

We all have the habit of doing too much. The ball gets rolling and small projects turn into time consuming stress balls. How can we continue to stay busy, without burning out? Something that has worked for me is making time to recharge. The mountains are my happy place. I love to hike them in the summer time and snowboard on them in the winter time. This is how I recharge.  With the mountains being 3+ hours away from home, it is easy for me to resort to staying home on a day off or convincing myself I need to stay in town for my day off to work a little bit more. On days off that driving for 3 hours doesn't seem do-able, I resort to a couple things that I can do daily, to recharge. 

1. Schedule in "me time" 
If you are a busy person, you probably have a day-timer  to write down all of your meetings and to-do's. Or maybe, if you are up to date on the times, you use your trusty google calendar to fill up your days. Regardless of how you prefer to plan, WRITE DOWN an hour of "me time". Treat this time like an important meeting that you can't miss- regardless of how busy you are you are going to show up for yourself, because you have to. Read a book, lay on the ground listening to music, or meet an old friend or a lover for coffee. THIS IS YOUR HOUR! 
2. Don't take on too much
Sounds easy, right? I think a lot of people have an issue with the word "no". No, I can't take on this job because it is too much work... not as easy as it sounds. A big lesson I learned is to not take on too much. Before immediately saying yes to a new project, I will evaluate how many hours it will take me, and see how many hours I actually have to give. Don't take something on knowing you will be working from 8am-8pm. 

3. Remember why you do what you do 
I find it hard to recharge when I am stressed out about work. Plain and simple. Even when I am away in the mountains, I am still worrying about different projects I have taken on. You have to allow yourself to recharge- allow yourself to let go of the stresses of work, and save them for when you are actually working- you need to allow yourself to recharge by reminding yourself of the reasons why you do the work you do. 

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