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Posted: Jun 07 2017

Our recent campaign called "Take A Moment" encourages you to do just that. It is a simple reminder for you to take a moment for yourself once a day.


Every morning when I wake up, I tell myself three things that I need to know  that day. Whether I am by myself, or with my partner, I take some time to tell myself three things that act as my daily mantra.


I am awesome, I am kind, I am patient


I am hard-working, I am healthy, I am happy 


I am going to kick ass. 

(Okay, I realize this isn't three things, but somedays, this one sentence is all I need) 


These three things change per day, and sometimes they change throughout the day. The important thing is this: When you are stressed with work or overwhelmed because you spilled your morning green smoothie in your car (Yes, this happened this morning, yes, I struggled to keep my cool), say those three things to yourself. This morning, my mantra was I am going to kick ass. When I spilled my smoothie on the "prindle" stick (Doesn't everyone call it that?)  I yelled "REALLY", really loud- and then I said it: I am going to kick ass today. I turned my car around, wiped up my mess, continued on my day, and got a free coffee at the local coffee shop. Things turned around. 


These three things are a technique that I learned from my Psychologist a couple of years ago. Maybe it will help you in stressful situations,  maybe it won't. But, when you wake up, say three positive things that will guide your day. 


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