Sippable Bone Broth: Bo & Marrow

Sippable bone broth? No, you did not read that wrong! Bo & Marrow creates bone broth from quality,  locally sourced ingredients here in Alberta. 


What are the benefits of bone broth? 

1. Happy Joints 
2. Glowing Skin & Hair 
3. Heal your gut
4. Detox 
5. Strength 
6. Late night of Sick aid 

As a celiac, gut health is one of the most important aspects of my overall health. When I was 18 I got diagnosed after undergoing a surgery. Everything I put in my body gave me severe pain for just over a year until my intestines got back to being a little bit healthier. Leading up to this point, I never had to consider what I put into my body. I know this may sound silly to those who have been eating healthy food their whole lives, but I didn't think twice about the nutrients that I was feeding my body.

The big lesson I learned? Listen to your body! It is products like Bo & Marrow that give your body the nutrients it needs. Whether you are adding it into your soups, or warming up a cup after dinner, this is a product worth adding into your diet.

At Mala & Me, bone broth is used as tea during our morning meditations. Our favourite way to welcome the day is by nourishing our bodies and minds. 

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"We are dedicated to making the best quality bone broth that will heal and nourish you from the inside out in the most convenient way. Each batch is artisan crafts with simple, pure and wholesome ingredients in the old fashioned way." - Bo & Marrow

This weeks featured Mala is the Free Spirit Mala. Peach Moonstone is the stone for self-expression, self-discovery, creativity, peace, harmony and balance. Peach Moonstone’s gentle, loving energy supports the heart and stimulates the mind. It allows one to perceive the positive, loving existence of the Divine in all situations. It can help soothe worry or anxiety while assisting one in celebrating the positive experiences in one’s life. (Click photos to shop) 



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Featured Products

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