The benefits of meditation

Posted: Mar 30 2017

Do you meditate? Why or why not? What does consciousness mean to you?


Let's start with the facts... Mindfulness and meditation have been connected to positive  developmental outcomes. These outcomes include successful relationships, attention control, and enhanced emotion regulation. (Alvarez and Emory, 2006) On top of this, when we meditate we are more "in-tune" with our behaviours and emotions. 

When you are feeling stressed or full of anxiety, do you ever get told to "just breathe"? Meditation helps us to remember to "just breathe" when we are feeling overwhelmed. By taking the time out of your day to focus on your breathing, we are training the mind to do this when we are in a not-so relaxing environment. When we get scared or stressed, we have a tendency to hold the breath, when all we need to do is breathe. 

 Meditation doesn't mean sitting for hours and hours just to achieve these benefits. The key is to start small with maybe 5-10 minutes a day (or whatever feels right for you on that day). The most important thing to remember? Don't stress about fitting mediation into your daily life. Just make it happen whether it is before bed, during your lunch break, while your kids are napping, or first thing in the morning. 


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