Why you should start journaling

Posted: Jul 06 2017

 Stories, or journalling, can be a form of medicine , says Jungian analyst and storyteller, Clarissa Pinkola. Maybe our ancestors were on to something when they took the time to write down their thoughts day to day. 

Journalling is a practice that young girls hide away in the dust of their memory box once high school arrives. Over the years, you may reflect on your old journaling, laughing at the innocence of a 8 year olds day-to day. 

The last time I wrote in a journal seriously was when I was in grade 6 and I read somewhere that if you write down your dreams first thing in the morning, you could control them. My 10 year old self thought this was pretty bad-ass, but as you can imagine, I failed to keep up.

Your journal entry does not has to start with "dear diary", and you don't need to have alterer motives (i.e. wanting to control your dreams). Create two journals; one for business, and one for personal. 

For business 

 This is the keep-at-your-desk,  kind of journal. During your coffee breaks, instead of scrolling through Instagram, write. Write any ideas you have or anything that you have though about over the last hour or so. Write, and then reflect later on. Sometimes journalling about work makes issues or ideas more clear later on.  

For Personal 

This is the keep-at-your-bedside-table, kind of journal. Before bed, or first thing in the morning kind of journal. Write about your day, or don't. Write about how you feel, or don't. Draw a photo of coffee- this is a space for you to write or draw your thoughts before or after the day.  

 Military Veteran Use of Visual Journaling During Recovery is a study that was conducted over a six week period, with the intention of helping  military veterans reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. (Mims, Rachel) Journalling is a mind/body practice, that can help you develop a better sense of self. 

"Stories are Medicine"- Clarissa Pinkola 

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