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Sandalwood and Lava Bracelet

Sandalwood and Lava Bracelet

Sandalwood is a traditional material used in making malas. A fragrant wood with a soothing scent- it is said to attract positive subtle vibrations, enhances perception, promotes tranquility. Sandalwood is known as an anti-depressant, antiseptic, insecticidal and sedative wood. Traditionally, the scent of sandalwood is said to bring you closer to the divine and is used to support meditation.

Lava- Traditionally thought to provide stability in times of change. A connection to the earth which may calm the wearer and dissipate anger. A very grounding stone. Lava can also be used to carry essential oils.

This bracelet is strung on durable elastic string with 8mm or 6mm gemstones and measures approximately 6" around.