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Why Conscious Water?

Mala & Me Water Bottle

We have created a beautiful water bottle that will cultivate daily nourishment and connection with self. Water expresses a vibration, given its environment. Much like all forms of nature and humans alike. Our unique piece allows you to customize the intention, thus the vibration of your water.

With gemstones, flowers, and conscious wording, you will form a relationship with one of the most vital nutrients in the world. Water. An essential nutrient that makes up 60% of the human body. 


Each bottle comes with a starter pack of gemstones:

Clear Quartz - Clarity & Connection

Rose Quartz - Love & Serenity

You can also customize our water bottles for own conscious experience. You may add in one of our flower and conscious word packs, your own love letter to yourself, a self-affirming photo, or small items that remind you of love, nature and connection.

PoppyWynn CornFlower for Mala & Me

Our Flower/Herb Packs  include:

Organic flowers/herbs from PoppyWynn and Harmonic Arts plus a word laser printed on wood:






*Please note each pack will have a variety of flowers based on the season they are available. We will have pictures and descriptions of each flower on our website for reference. 

Flower Packs for Mala & Me

Once you feel like you have completed your time with your blend you may add the flowers to a garden bed, or to a bath for one last experience.