How to choose a Mala

Normally, choosing the right mala necklace can be a hectic job. There are so many options, patterns, gems among other considerations making it all the more complicated to decide on the right mala for you. However, experts on the topic will often be quoted as saying that in the pursuit of tranquility, you don't find it but rather it finds you. In other words, the perfect mala for you will always find its way to you. Even then, that does not mean that there isn't a certain way in which you can speed up the process. Even fate needs a little push in the right direction sometimes.


The first criteria is your purpose for the mala. Each gemstone holds different functionalities. So, you need to ask yourself what it is that you seek the mala for. Are you seeking it for prayer? Are you after its aesthetic value? Maybe you just need the mala as a reminder of a commitment or purpose. Either way, knowing the reason behind the search brings you one step closer to your destination.


Mala necklaces are designed with intricate patterns and gemstones of immense value. But the value is not economical. It is usually more of an emotional and spiritual value. You do not just buy a mala for the sake of having a mala. Sometimes you just want to find peace, love, trust, strength or something else. Knowing exactly what you seek to manifest through the mala brings you yet another step closer to determining what mala is best for you. For example, if love is what you aim to manifest, then a rose quartz gemstone is what you should seek in your mala.


This might sound a whole lot like wishful thinking but a mala is always seeking its true companion. You don't just stumble into it, it calls out for you. You need to do more than just seek with your tangible and visible senses. You need to look inside yourself and feel the mala. I am not saying you drive around town visiting all the stores and waiting to "feel" your mala. What I mean is that when you look at a mala, you need to visualize it in its own uniquely perplexing state. Is it appealing to the eye? Does it have any allure around it? How much mystery can you feel around that mala? In most cases, the perfect mala for you is the one that you just can't seem to pass over.