What Makes our Malas Special

Our Mala’s are non-denominational. We use findings that are inspired by nature and sacred geometry. Nature and Soul is universal, our pieces are designed to bring all cultures, belief systems, and generations together.


Our Malas are created with 8mm gemstone and wooden beads to provide weight to the chest, this helps provide comfort and calms the nervous system and mind, much like a weighted blanket.


We use elegant yet durable nylon cord to exude exquisite beauty 


Our findings are brass with 18k Gold and Silver plating


We only use semi-precious gemstones and authentic materials when creating our pieces


Each Mala is created to allow fluid movement of the beads up and down your piece. In design, movement expresses life and energy.


Our jewelry is rooted in beauty and creating a spiritual practice. We truly believe that these two often separate worlds work synergistically. Each Mala is created with 108 beads to honor the history and tradition of these spiritual tools.


Each Mala is beautifully finished with a "Soul" tag. We chose to add this simply because our purpose is to remind you that you ARE Soul, and you exist because you are loved.


We, the Mala & Me sisters bless your pieces. We do this because we truly believe a little bit of love can go a long way, and that you should know you can bless everything you have in your world too. You do not need to be a guru to live a life of beauty, spirituality and connection.