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Creativity Stack
Creativity Stack
Creativity Stack
Creativity Stack
$100.00 CAD

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Creativity Stack

Peach Druzy, Matte Amazonite (10mm beads), Grey Druzy with Matte Howlite

Peach Druzy- a unique stone with the vibrations of creativity, balance and compassion.

Amazonite- a Stone of Courage and Truth, according to some cultural beliefs. Set an intention to search within and discover your truths and integrity, helping to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values.

Grey Druzy is believed by some to be of a healing vibration, fostering love and the courage to start again. This is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. Historically, some believe it creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension.

Howlite – thought to calm upset states of mind and emotion. When you want to decrease an overly critical state of mind, stress, and anxiety, use Howlite to set your intention.

Sold as a combination of all three bracelets. One size fits all. However, if you do have sizing requests, please don't hesitate to reach out. All beads are 8mm round, unless otherwise stated.

*each stone is unique and may not be an exactly as pictured

**These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer*