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  • Shakti Luxury Citrine - Mala & Me

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Shakti Luxury Citrine

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Our Luxury line is created exclusively by Sarah Bowker ~

Citrine is known as the "success stone", promoting prosperity & abundance. When worn, citrine enhances mental clarity & confidence and is known as the stone of good fortune & manifestation. Citrine helps to elevate ones self esteem giving confidence & self-discipline. An excellent stone for opening the third chakra & bringing happiness, joy & optimism into you life. 

Gold is the most coveted of all metals. It is associated with wealth, prosperity happiness and comfort. It is associated with Suns energy and represents all that sun signifies. It is a metal of spirituality, oneness and understanding. Gold is said to check spiritual degradation and remove negativity. It helps to heal the nervous system and digestion. It is also said to help in cardiovascular functions, improving circulation and digestion. Gold is a symbol of non-corrosiveness and embodies purity of thought, spirit and action. It also promotes self-learning, education and self-improvement. It reduces the effect of trauma.

Crescent Moon is a symbol for growth, manifestation, and transformation. Wear the crescent moon to root you into a change in a way of thinking and/or action. The crescent moon represents our intuition. Trust your intuition and wear this symbol to support new beginnings and making your dreams a reality.

OM is not a word but rather a sound, which like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture and even species. It is made up of three sanskrit letters, when combined together; make the sound AUM or OM. It is a mantra or prayer in itself to bring eternal consciousness and bliss.

Rubies improve motivation and encourage you to follow your bliss. Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and encourages passion for life and will help you reach your most sought after goals. When you wear rubies, it will help promote courage, bring a positive state of mind and will increase your energy.

Lotus Flower is symbolic of the true soul of an individual. The lotus has its roots in muddy waters but blossoms into a beautiful flower making it a symbol of life, purity, strength & divinity. Wear this Shakti Lotus design to inspire you and to rise up and blossom towards enlightenment. 

This piece sits 20 inches long, with 7mm Grade A beads and 24k Gold findings.

108 beads including gold markers. 

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