Pregnancy Bliss: Gemstones To Guide Your Journey

Pregnancy Bliss: Gemstones To Guide Your Journey

While the ‘journey of pregnancy’ sounds like a peaceful picture, the reality can be far from it.

Being pregnant brings a whole range of new and sometimes nerve-racking experiences for your body, mind, and spirit. You may have already experienced nausea, food-cravings, forgetfulness, anxiety, backaches, or cramps - all of which are common complaints during pregnancy.  Whether you are three months in or it’s three days before ‘D’ day, wearing gemstone pieces from Mala and Me is guaranteed to have you feeling grounded, calmed, and nurtured in no time.

How Do Gemstones Help During Pregnancy?
The healing properties of gemstones have been appreciated by our ancestors for centuries for their ability to provide support during conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.  Gemstones are beautiful pieces of Mother Earth so it is only natural that during pregnancy, when we ourselves are preparing to nurture and are also in need of nurturing, gemstones find their next to us. 
As humans, we are made of energy, and gemstones are made from the energy of the Earth. When these energy fields collide, healing takes place. Healing may manifest as a removal of energy blockages, a release of emotions, or increased energy. Gemstones are best worn on the body in the form of jewelry to invoke what you want and need most in your life.

Which Gemstones Are Best For Pregnancy?
Moonstone is a powerful gemstone of insight, self-discovery, and relationship harmony. It is particularly useful in pregnancy as it soothes emotions as well as relieves stress, anxiety, and tension during childbirth. An added bonus is that it is believed to assist contractions and encourage lactation. As Moonstone is considered the healing stone for women, it has a gentle feminine energy and works to enhance your pregnancy experience by balancing hormones and cycles. Moonstone channels its power from the moon, connecting you to worlds and concepts beyond yourself. 

Rose Quartz is known for its ability to manifest love, emotional balance, security, and peace. It enables you to feel love freely and encourages deep connections with yourself, your baby, and your environment.  Some common ways of embracing rose quartz are to wear it, bathe in it by adding a few pieces into the bath water, or sleeping with a stone by your bed.

Lapis Lazuli nurtures your spirit by enhancing intuition and self-truth. It is believed to release stress and promote peace, harmony, and inner strength. It may also alleviate physical pain associated with pregnancy.

How Do I Use Gemstones In Pregnancy?
Simply wear the gemstones around your neck. You can also rest the gems on your tummy or over ovary area for approximately 10 minutes a day. Alternatively, you can hold them while meditating. Close your eyes gently and practice visualizing the baby inside of you while speaking affirmations such as, “I want to labor with confidence and trust”. Make a conscious decision to be open to the influence of the gemstone. 
Click here for a great meditation to do while pregnant.

Whether you are searching for a little something to soothe your soul, calm your nerves, clear your mind, or rebalance your energies before during or after childbirth, Mala and Me has the perfect piece for you. It is so important that the journey of pregnancy is filled with love and light. Having a positive experience will attract further freedom and gratitude during birthing and beyond. Be well.

*Disclaimer: The use of gemstones is intended as a complementary healing practice. It should not replace regular medical consultations and care.

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