About Us

Started in 2015, Mala and Me was created by sisters Amanda and Sabrina who sought to share a lifestyle with the world. Growing up near the Rocky Mountains and with a family who embodied a closeness to nature, beauty, and spirituality, we knew we were raised with something special that others could benefit from. Through a set vision , a natural sense of team work and the greater good, Mala and Me was built; a gemstone company focused on making a difference in people’s lives. Our natural inclination to help others has laid the foundation for a unique business where we seek to do more than just sell jewellery.

Mala and Me is the culmination of mindfulness and style. We create beautiful, quality, pieces that are a tangible expression of your mindful intention. Through purpose and energy, our vibrational jewellery empowers you to experience more love, peace and joy.

Using the power of gemstones as our catalyst, we aspire to support others through life’s ups and downs. Thank you for joining us on this incredibly journey!

Much Love,

Amanda & Sabrina