4 Ways A Mala Can Bless Your Life

4 Ways A Mala Can Bless Your Life

 Be Close To Nature

There is nothing like being close to nature. Sitting next to a tree,listening to the ocean, or breathing in the mountain air.

This will always create a sense of calm, simply because nature is balanced. 

A Gemstone is created from the elements of the earth. Different properties, colours, and a place of origin will evoke different responses and comfort. 

Gemstones are an investment to the wearer. To have a piece of nature on the body creates a lasting bond and a sense of connection

Calm The Nervous System

We encourage you to try on our pieces; they are purposely created to add weight to the body. Much like a weighted Blanket- our malas can create a calming effect on the nervous system.

Layering is the perfect way to create a custom "feeling" for each individual. 

Take Time For Yourself

We create pieces that are beautiful, unique and non-denominational. Counting each individual bead helps keep pace, a rhythm if you will, in the moments you take for yourself. 

You may use a phrase, quote, song, mantra, belief, affirmation or simply move each bead up the string when you need a little freedom throughout the day. 

Create New Neuropathways

Often belief systems about ourselves rarely serve us and we repeat them 1000's of times during the day. We affirm many things about ourselves each day:

I am hardworking, I am stressed, I am tired, I am getting old- why not affirm some kindness as well? 

The use of touch through movement of each bead, in addition to a repeated mantra on a daily basis, can create a new way of thinking, new neuropathways and a new way of existing. 

You are lovable, you are deserving and you have purpose.  



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