3 Confidence-Boosting Malas

3 Confidence-Boosting Malas

Not everyone emanates confidence. For some, being confident doesn't come naturally but is, instead, something we have to work on every day.

If you struggle to find confidence in yourself and/or in others, we encourage you to turn to crystal healing. Trusting in the power and magic of crystals, especially the right crystals, can help to reduce any confusion or doubts you may have. 

Here are 3 confidence-boosting Malas we recommend learning more about: 

Prosperity Mala 

This Mala features Citrine, a crystal originating from Brazil, The Congo, and Madagascar. Citrine is known as the stone of abundance, energy, and luck. Wearing Citrine will help you with goal setting, discovering your destiny, and establishing your personal power. 

Sweet Soul Mala  

This Mala is made from Rose Quartz (Matte) and Silver. This essential crystal has so many benefits, but it can help boost confidence by helping you recognize your sense of beauty. Rose Quartz opens hearts to inner peace, positive self-love, and self-esteem.

Empowerment Mala

Our Empowerment Mala is made from Amazonite and Gold. Amazonite is a stone of inspiration, confidence, truth-telling (communication), and peace. It inspires honesty, positive self-love, and strength. Choose this Mala if you're looking for a piece help you become brave in speech.  

Which Mala do you wear when you need a confidence boost?  


References: Crystals - The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren 

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