3 Gemstones to Wear on Your Wedding Day

3 Gemstones to Wear on Your Wedding Day


Wedding Day

Getting married is a huge milestone. For most people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. The special day can, however, be quite stressful. Some people feel anxious, nervous, and doubtful right up to the point when they say "I do." 

As you move forward with wedding planning and start thinking more about what you'll be wearing on your special day, we encourage you to consider wearing gemstones. By wearing specific pieces on your wedding day, you can not only ease the tensions you feel during the festivities but also ensure your marriage starts off on the right foot. 

For a stress-free day and loving marriage thereafter, we recommend the following gemstones: 

  • MOONSTONE helps to alleviate stress and emotional turmoil. As you prepare for your wedding, wear Moonstone to enhance feelings of calm and peace. This stone also draws out our most feminine power and is often used during childbirth for protection. If you plan to start a family soon after marriage, keep Moonstone in your home. Shop our New Beginnings Mala here. 
  • WHITE JADE is a protective stone. It helps to keep the wearer from harm and brings harmony and peace. Wear this stone to ensure you stay safe leading up to and on your big day. This stone also helps to draw good luck and purity of choice which makes it the perfect stone to keep near as you and your partner embark on a new journey together. Shop our Life Force Mala here. 
  • ROSE QUARTZ is known as the stone of unconditional love. Receive love and give it freely on your wedding day by wearing Rose Quartz. This stone helps to enhance love of self, love of family and friends, and romantic love. Plus, it will strengthen your sense of beauty and self-esteem. Place Rose Quartz in your new home to foster a loving atmosphere. Shop our Spread the Love Mala here. 

Did you wear gemstones on your wedding day? If you did, which ones did you wear? 

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