3 Malas to Pack When Travelling

3 Malas to Pack When Travelling

We love travelling. We enjoy seeing new places, eating new foods, and interacting with new people. Travelling satisfies the adventurous side of our soul, and it helps us connect more deeply with who we are, what we believe in, and what questions we still have about the world. 

Travelling, though, can be nervewracking sometimes. It can be hard to be so far away from home, and it can even be uncomfortable. Below we've outlined three Malas we like to take travelling as well as explanations for why these Malas might help you in your journey. 


Courageous Mala

Our Courageous Mala is made with Blue Goldstone. Blue Goldstone represents the stars in the sky. Each bead is said to represent a mini-universe. Although man-made with copper, cobalt, and sand, Blue Goldstone is powerful. The stone evokes courage, confidence, and willpower; three desirable traits for travellers. 

Cascade Mala 

The Cascade Mala is an excellent Mala to bring travelling because it's made from sandalwood. Sandalwood is said to bring you closer to the divine. It attracts positive energy, and its soothing aroma is used to support meditation, spirituality, and calm. The Cascade Mala is perfect for keeping you stable during the stress often accompanying travel. 

Yin Yang Mala 

Our Yin Yang Mala is made from Black Onyx, a stone known to assist with challenges in life (especially those caused by a drain of energy). This stone can help you feel more comfortable in yourself and in your surroundings. It's also known to keep excessive emotions and passions under control while keeping you protected. 

Are there any other Malas or gemstones you'd recommend wearing while travelling?  

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