3 ways to embrace your feminine energy

3 ways to embrace your feminine energy

It is not uncommon for women and men to feel that they need to operate in a masculine energy to be recognized at work, home and in social situations. Some of us are so used to existing in the masculine, that when it comes to connecting to our feminine energy, we tend to feel uncertain and uncomfortable. Over time, we can start to feel like our femininity is weak or inferior, rather than recognize its power, beauty and strength.

Feminine energy is not just associated with women, it can be embodied by both men and women, and we can all benefit from both masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy can be perceived as being more powerful, but this isn’t the case. Both have power and both serve a purpose.

If you’re looking to embrace your feminine energy. Here are three ways to embody feminine power in your daily life.

Connect with your heart daily through meditation

The centre of the body where spirit and love are joined is the heart. It is your heart that aches or fills with love, that feels compassion and feels connection with others. Meditation is a great way to connect to your femine energy because it allows for space to connect with your heart and feelings. 

Through meditation, you can focus on your feelings, all and every feeling that arises, and embrace their purpose in your life at that time. Feeling your feelings will lead to tapping into feminine power, where you can build a deep, intimate connection through self-love, that then can manifest into being more connected and vulnerable with others. You learn to validate your heart’s deep desires in a practice of self-love, and the more space you create to listen to your heart, the more you will feel like you’re living a purposeful life. 


Journal about what feminine energy means to you and where in your life you feel your energy is being taken away from you. Identifying that you want to embrace your feminine energy is the perfect start to your journey, and writing it down helps you organize your thoughts and digest the concept of what you want from this experience.

As well, by laying out examples of where you feel your feminine energy is being taken away, judged or not accepted, provides you with valuable information. It can help you set appropriate boundaries with others who react to your femine energy in a negative way. You can write out what you can do to gain back that feminine power, and also list out reasons why your feminine energy is so beneficial to you and others. When a time arises where you feel your boundaries are not being respected, you can feel prepared and confident in your stance to hold true to who you are. 

You can ask yourself questions such as: 

  • Who do I see as a good role model for someone who embraces both a feminine and masculine balanced energy? What specific things does this person do that resembles who I am?
  • What do the people who raised me say about this topic? Do I receive comments such as, “Oh, don’t do that, that’s not very lady-like” or “you look like a boy when you wear that.” How do these comments impact me? 


It doesn’t always have to be about work and daily tasks. Exploring your feminine energy through being creative, is an empowering and liberating thing to do. 

Think back to when you were a child, what did you love doing? Play on a swing at the playground, do cartwheels, sing in the car, write a song, write poetry, draw, paint, dance to your favorite music? Activities that allowed for flow, without judgement and expectations. 

The feminine is about flow, intuition, openness. Finding activities that activate these qualities help us to re-learn what it means to be in touch with our feminine energy. Dance, play and creating are all great ways because they generally take us away from the masculine. They are things we can do without having to set rules, needing to make decisions or take direction from external sources.  

Many of us have learned from a young age to abandon our feminine selves- the piece of us that loves to play, create, dance. We learned to act more masculine because society and our parents taught us how to be practical and plan and do as much as we can in order to be successful. 

They wanted the best for us but didn't always see the value that comes from embracing a balance between the two sides. 

Explore again and try out new creative outlets.

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