5 Mood-Boosting Gemstones

5 Mood-Boosting Gemstones

Everyone has those days. Days when it can be challenging to be happy, optimistic, and enthusiastic. When we're low, we turn to all sorts of things to make us feel better: friends, family, food, shopping, TV, and more. 

As we move into fall and winter, and seasonal depression kicks in for some of us, we want to remind you of the power of gemstones, crystals, and wood. Choosing the right gemstone jewelry can have a big impact on your overall mood throughout the day. 

Here are 5 mood-boosting gemstones we recommend wearing this winter: 

1. Sandalwood. Okay, so sandalwood isn't really a gemstone. But, we wanted to include it in this list for a few reasons. It is known as an anti-depressant and a sedative. This wood wards of negativity, relaxes the mind, and subdues irritability. The smell of sandalwood alone is very calming.

2. Sunstone. This stone is known as the Joyful Stone and encourages a positive mindset. It helps to promote nurturing and caring for oneself. When you need to feel more alive and enthusiastic, wear Sunstone.

3. Rose Quartz. This popular gemstone is known as the Stone of Unconditional Love. It helps to strengthen our sense of beauty, positive self-love, and self-esteem. This is the stone to wear if your unhappiness is as a result of being too critical and unloving of yourself.

4. Amethyst. Amethyst is known to repel negative energy and attract positive energy. It is a natural stress reliever and helps its wearer get more in tune with their feelings, intuition, and value. 

5. Citrine. Helping to clear the mind and balance emotions, this bright yellow stone is our go-to for when we're feeling low. It supports a joyful and positive mind while also invoking tolerance of others. Also known as the Success or Merchant's Stone, Citrine holds properties of abundance and happiness. 

Which gemstones, crystals, and woods do you like to wear when you need an extra boost of positivity? 

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