5 Ways to Manage Student Stress

5 Ways to Manage Student Stress

University and college are starting in a few weeks! For some, this means moving away from family and friends, getting used to a whole new routine, finding out how to manage stress between study and work and managing changes in time and relationships. The move into the school year can be stressful and daunting. Not to worry, you’ll get through it. In an effort to help you get through it, here are five ways to help you manage anxiety and stress going into September and throughout the school year.


Mindfulness, a relaxation technique originating in Buddhism, is a useful mechanism for those tackling stress or anxiety during their studies. Used with other techniques such as deep breathing and guided meditation, mindfulness can keep your mind intentionally in the moment without any judgment, focusing on the task at hand and taking power and focus away from thinking about future events. Mindfulness meditation practices refer to the deliberate acts of regulating attention through the observation of thoughts, emotions and body states.

What mindfulness can do for students: 

  • Reduced stress: Improved ability to manage stress.
  • Increased focus: Improved ability to pay attention, focus and concentrate.
  • Increased emotional intelligence: Improved conflict resolution skills.
  • Increased resilience: Increased capacity to overcome challenges.
  • Improved physical well-being: Increased engagement in physical activity.
  • Improved creativity and collaboration: Improved expression of creative arts.


Mindfulness activity 

Every time you notice your bracelet or watch, take three slow, deep breaths. Bring yourself back to your centre and where you currently are. 


A very effective way to reduce anxiety and stress is by building a regular routine. This can (and should) include regular exercise, meditation, socializing and a sleep routine. Keeping to a schedule of positive mindset promoting tasks will allow you to stay active and healthy, giving you a stronger mind-body connection. Physical activity will help with sleep, memory and mood, which then contributes to your ability to stay mentally active in the classroom. 

Routine building activity

Start building your routine a few weeks before school starts! That way you get into the habit and will find it easier to maintain once your schedule fills up. 

Time Management

People often get stressed when they feel that they're running out of time to complete something. However, simple time management techniques can help you to feel relaxed and focused. Try creating a written work schedule (to-do list with priorities), breaking your tasks down into manageable chunks and planning accordingly. Divide your work into urgent and non-urgent tasks and focus on the urgent tasks first. 


Time management activity

Sit down at the beginning of the week to plan out your week and write it out on a printed calendar or on the calendar in your phone. Fit in time slots for exercise, going out with friends, meditation, study breaks and rest. 


Maintaining a sleep routine is of paramount importance to mental health and managing stress. Try to go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time each day, with 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 

Stress can often interrupt your sleeping pattern so try to do everything you can to relax yourself before going to bed. Take a bath to wind down, read a book or meditate. Avoid screen time as much as possible before bed, so switch off laptops, phones and tablets at least an hour before going to sleep. Avoiding screens and activities that get your mind going will also help you relax and ease into a restful state. 

Sleep activity

If you study in the same room you sleep in, cover your books and desk with a sheet or a screen when you go to bed. 

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