How to Meditate with Your Mala

How to Meditate with Your Mala

Our Malas are beautiful, but they serve a much greater purpose as well. Malas are a traditional tool used during mantra meditations. Like many other Malas, ours are made with 108 beads, which is an important number in Hinduism and yoga for many reasons. Much like a Catholic rosary, the beads on a Mala help keep track of how many times a mantra has been repeated. This allows one to focus on the words and meaning of their chosen mantra, without being distracted by the number of times it has been repeated. 

In 4 easy steps, here's how you can use your Mala to enhance your meditation practice: 

  1. Get comfortable. Grab a bolster or zafu (meditation cushion) and sit or lay comfortably. It will be challenging to stay focused on your mantra if all you can think about is how uncomfortable you are. If you don't have a bolster or zafu, a pillow or rolled up blanket will work. 
  2. Set your intention. An easy way to do this is to choose an "I Am" statement for the day, which will serve as a positive affirmation to yourself. For instance, "I Am Loved," "I Am Confident," or "I Am Chosen." This statement will be your mantra as you move from one end of your Mala to the other. 
  3. Start by the "Guru" bead/pendant or base of the Mala. Most Malas have one Guru bead or pendant at the bottom of the necklace. On our Malas, we use two sacred geometric pendents that are placed at bottom with the tassles. When you begin your meditation practice, find the Guru bead or pendant and place your index finger and thumb around the bead next to it. This will serve as your starting point for your meditation.
  4. Repeat your mantra as you move from bead to bead. Say your "I Am" statement while holding the first bead and then continue to the next. Repeat your intention 108 times until you arrive at the Guru pendant again. If you intend to continue meditating, do not pass over the Guru bead. Instead, reverse the direction of your journey and travel back to where you started on the other side of the Guru pendant. 

The Mala you choose to wear during your meditation practice can further enhance your intention. For instance, if you intend to meditate for love of self, a Mala made with Rose Quartz would be a great choice. 

Our Malas are non-denominational, so anyone can use them to meditate (not just those who follow the Hindu religion). 

What is your favourite Mala to meditate with? Comment below! 

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