How To Use Essential Oils with Lava Beads

How To Use Essential Oils with Lava Beads

Lava beads and essential oils are becoming more and more popular (when used separately and together). Lava beads are naturally porous which makes them excellent at holding essential oils. Essential oils have been gaining more attention as well due to the impacts they have on stress-related symptoms.

Inhaling essential oils can positively influence heart rate, blood pressure, and hormone levels which can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels (Allard, 2016). One of the reasons Lava beads are perfect for essential oils is because the beads can carry the scent of an oil with you, wherever you go, in a non-obtrusive way. 

Be careful when putting essential oils on Lava beads - a little drop will go a long way. Put one drop of essential oils on one bead and continue to add more drops of oil to more beads if you want a stronger scent. Remember, oil and clothing are not friends. To avoid getting oil stains on your clothing, add the right amount of essential oil to your piece and then let it absorb before wearing it. 

In addition to holding essential oils for us, Lava is a stone providing stability in times of change. It often helps dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding. It is a grounding stone. Below is a list of our pieces featuring Lava: 

Additionally, if you visit our store in West Edmonton Mall at RAAS, we can add Lava stones to any bracelet of your choice. 



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