How to Set an Intention with MyIntent

How to Set an Intention with MyIntent

What Is MyIntent

The MyIntent Project is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. The company itself believes there is a purpose inside everyone, and they hope their efforts encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. 

MyIntent and Mala & Me 

Here at Mala & Me, we are honoured to work with MyIntent to add more mindful connection to your Mala. You can add your very own, personalized and hand-stamped Intention to any Mala we sell. When you go to purchase your Mala, click button titled Add On Pendant to choose either a gold or silver MyIntent token. 

How to Create an Intention

When creating an intention, think of something in your life you are working towards or something you feel you currently encompass. This could be patience, honesty, love, connection, self, and so much more (20 characters or less). 

An intention is powerful. It is a constant reminder of a goal or a mission you are working towards. It helps you be more conscious in your every day life. 

When you see someone wearing a MyIntent token, let it be a catalyst for meaningful conversation and ask them about their word. 

Giving Back 

MyIntent tokens cost $5. All proceeds from the tokens will go to creating self development events in the Edmonton area: yoga, scavenger hunts, raw diamond mining, meditation, hikes, speaker events, and much more. Stay tuned for upcoming MyIntent events.  

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