Maintaining Your Summer Attitude in the Winter

Maintaining Your Summer Attitude in the Winter

As soon as people begin thinking about the summer, their mood lightens. They begin thinking about the warm weather, their fun summer plans, and, as a result, they're filled with joy. Why can't we keep this enthusiasm going during the cooler months? 
We get it! There are some days when the air hurts your face (who wants to live in a place like that?) and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and do nothing. But, there are so many comforts in winter. Why not embrace fuzzy socks, big blankets, and warm cups of hot chocolate? Yes, this is a different time of year, but it doesn't mean we can't have the same joyful feelings during this time of year that we often do in the summer!

Outdoor Activities 

With winter comes a variety of outdoor activities. Moutain tops become covered in snow and skating rinks freeze over. This is something to be excited about! If you don't ski, snowboard, or skate, maybe now is the time to start! Or, pick up snowshoeing (an easy outdoor activity). Having an activity you love to do in the winter makes the cold months much more bearable - even enjoyable! 

Pick Up a Good Book

If you're not too keen on the winter, escape to someplace much warmer with a book! Cozy up on the couch, make yourself a good drink, and explore places from all over the world through words. Reading is often when I get most of my reading done as spending long periods of time outside just isn't my thing! But, reading sure is. Reading is also a good way to switch it up if you're the type of person who watches Netflix all night long throughout the winter. 

Go to the Movies

Like many people, I see very few movies in the summer months. Who wants to be in a cold, dark theatre when it's hot and sunny outside? Certainly not me! In Edmonton, there are so many fun movie theatres you can try aside from the big ones like the Garneau Theatre and the Princess Theatre. 

Indoor Attractions

In Edmonton, we spend a lot of our time inside. Within recent years, there have been more indoor attractions opening up around the city. These include escape rooms and boardgame cafes among other things. If you haven't yet, give one of these a try! 

Wishing you a warm and cozy fall and winter! 



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