Mala & Me pop up @ lululemon athletica

Mala & Me pop up @ lululemon athletica


Last week we had the pleasure of having a pop up at lululemon athletica Southgate. The event was for about 50 woman to have  a shop night that included refreshments and makeup! 



We sat down with Local Social Story Teller, Sophia Grios, to learn more about lululemon athletica and to get her thoughts on malas. 

What is your favourite part about working for lululemon?

"If I had to pick one thing.. I think my favourite thing about working for lululemon is the ability to connect with such a broad array of people, and tying them together through the sweat life in unexpected ways. It has challenged me to think outside of the box and changes the way you can connect with people."


What are some of lululemons core values?

"Some of our core values include fun, entrepreneurship, integrity and collaboration.  Our mission statement is elevating to world from mediocrity to greatness.  We want to help people live more happy and fun lives." 

What does a mala mean to you? 

"To me, I would say personal growth. I think that when I look at a mala, instantly, I am attracted to what catches my eye for sure. And over that time I am able to build such a connection through something that is tied to my practice and also personal growth- which I value so much." 

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