“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." - Anne Bradstreet

We are SO excited to bring in NEW items for Spring! A little re-fresh and spring cleaning are needed for business' as much as your home. I believe that clearing out the old makes way for the new. New opportunities, new ideas, new energy!

Are you spring cleaning this year?! Once you're done, consider bringing in some new energy with a special treat for yourself from our new collection! Check some of them out below!

1. Divine Feminine Mala

I just love the ombre pink tones in this new mala! With rosewood, rose quartz and white jade, this Divine Feminine mala brings in a gentle, loving energy. The accents are all gold in this one with floral and nature-inspired pendants. Gold is such a powerful metal that harness' the energy of the sun and its vitality. 

Like our original malas, this one is made with 108 (8mm) beads and finished off with a "soul" tag to remind you that you are soul and you ARE loved!

2. Raw Gemstone Earrings

Next up, we have a new style of gemstone earrings available in some new stones. We have carried aquamarine before, in a different style, but this blue is so pretty I couldn't resist! These are so dainty and simple- perfect to match with any spring floral outfit.

The new authentic stones we are carrying are Pink Tourmaline, Ruby and Tanzanite! Click on each photo to find the descriptions of the stones !

3. Earth Warrior Mala

Sandalwood and matte amazonite have to my absolute favorite beads we carry, so I HAD to combine them together! The soothing scent of sandalwood with the ocean-like vibes of the amazonite is just magical.

This one has a silver theme with more geometric-inspired pendants. It carries a masculine, soothing and grounding energy. The YANG to the YIN of the Divine Feminine mala, you could say!

4. Stardust, dainty bracelets and more...

I was inspired by Michael Singer's book "The Untethered Soul", when I bought in the Stardust pendant necklace. He makes a statement in the book that will stick with me forever. He says, "This moment in front of you took over 13 billion years to come into view and it has nothing to do with you". I think it's a poignant reminder of the insignificance of our worries in the big picture. It helps me keep my perspective in check and gratitude in my heart.

I know many of our customers do administrative work and may find our traditional 8mm beaded bracelets intrusive while working on the computer. SO! I have brought in a larger variety of smaller, 6mm, beads to choose from in different gemstones!

Personally, I just prefer the smaller beads! Check out the website for all the new options!

I hope you enjoy shopping the new pretty things as much as I enjoyed picking them out and creating them!

In gratitude,


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