Our Favourite 2020 Summer Fashion Trends

Our Favourite 2020 Summer Fashion Trends

Summer wardrobe is in full swing! We are seeing some interesting fashion trends emerge this year, with flashbacks from the 80’s and 90’s, with a 2020 twist.

Here are some of our top favourite 2020 fashions trends for summer, paired with healing pieces from the Mala and Me summer collection. 

Linen + Matte Amazonite Bracelets 

Featuring Elle's Closet 

Linen is in! This fabric is great for staying cool in the summer months, and also brings a classic, structured look to your outfit. We are seeing linen used in dresses, skirts, two pieces and even flowy tops.  

We paired this summer fashion choice with the Mala and Me Matte Amazonite bracelets. These bracelets are made with a larger bead. Stack a few, and they add a chunky statement piece to your outfit. Also, the colours in this bracelet work perfectly for linen tones. 

Sweat shorts + Mountain Necklace

Featuring Miss Boss Women's Boutique 

Two piece sweat shorts and sweatshirts are all the rage! Keep that cozy quarantine feel going through the summer months with this casual street look. Wear them while running your weekend errands or when you're just hanging out with a glass of rosé on the couch.

The sweat shorts look with a simple tank top would be pulled together with a gold or silver Mountain Necklace. This piece is great for layering and can dress up your athletic look. 

Baby doll dresses + Pendant Necklace

Featuring Dani + Madi 

Baby doll style minidresses have made a major comeback. Expect to find the style in pastel summer hues and with variations in volume and flowiness.These playful and adorable dresses will keep the vibe of your ensembles light and breezy. 

Try your new baby doll dress with a Mala and Me Pendant Necklace. The gemstone pendants and geometric charms are hung on a long chain, which would work well with a high or lower neckline. It’s a simple healing addition to your summer dress.  

Puff sleeves + Blue Goldstone bracelet

Featuring Workhall 

You've been mulling it over… and we bet now you’re fully invested in this trend and have a few pieces added to your 2020 summer wardrobe. The puff sleeve! This '80s-inspired silhouette has been around since last year, and it’s still here. It's the perfect easy-to-wear detail that takes any simple white top from ordinary to exceptional.

Add a beautiful blue hue Goldstone Bracelet to your puff sleeve ensemble, and bring in those romantic, dreamy colours. 

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