Self-care to treat burnout in empaths

Self-care to treat burnout in empaths

Here’s what to do when you feel emotionally overwhelmed

Do you often connect deeply with other people’s emotions? Does it feel like you live through other’s people sad or happy moments, almost as if they were your own? If this is the case, you might be an empath.

Empaths are emotionally-driven people who are often really good at connecting with others and form life-long bonds. As the name might suggest, empaths can indeed empathize with others, to the point that they can even internalize other people’s emotions. While this can be a wonderful gift, it can be overwhelming at times. It is not always easy to carry the weight of other people’s emotions, as well as your own!

Because they often have to deal with such a draining amount of emotional energy, empaths might often feel exhausted or burnout. In some cases, many people also recognize the acute emotional intelligence of empaths. This is the reason why friends and family members would often want to talk to them about their feelings, almost as if their empath friends were therapists! If you feel overwhelmed and need a break, there is no need to feel hopeless: there are many techniques to retain your peace of mind and avoid emotional burnout. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best self-care ways to treat emotional burnout! While we are talking about “treating” your burnout, the following activities could help you prevent burnout in the first place if implemented in your daily routine.


Meditation is an amazing way to recover from feeling emotional, exhausted, or burnout. The best part of meditation is that there are just so many different ways to approach it. Some people like to meditate in silence, while others prefer music or meditative ambient soundscapes. Others do it outdoors, while others prefer to do it in the comfort of their home. Some people use alternative forms of meditation, such as using sensory deprivation tanks to shut the world out. The possibilities are endless, and it is all up to you. Different meditation techniques produce different results and fit different types of personalities. The question is: which one is going to work for you? You can get a better idea by experiencing different meditation techniques first-hand and see what does the trick!

Have you tried meditating with a mala? It helps maintain your focus away from your thoughts or inner critic. Just recite a mantra or count your breaths with each turn of a bead; it’s called Japa meditation.

Crystal healing

Some crystals and stones have incredible healing powers. There are many techniques to use crystals, but one of the best and most insightful ways to take advantage of their healing powers is to line them up with the chakras in your body. Your chakras can collect or release energy in your body, both positive and negative. Crystal healing is worth a go, as it could help you regain your emotional balance when you feel overwhelmed.

Try using your intuition when choosing crystals; often, the most healing gem will be the one you’re most drawn to. Try different placements on your body while laying down and experiment to find what feels good to you.


Yoga is an ancient practice that has been loved and appreciated for thousands of years. There is nothing quite like it because it combines the benefits of physical activities and fitness with a special mental focus that can help you stay grounded spiritually. Yoga can help you soothe your burnout because it can free up your emotional pathways and help you feel connected to your body and less caught up in your mind. Some people might be anxious about getting started with something new, especially if they are not used to being active. If you are hesitant about taking up yoga, don’t worry! A little goes a long way. Start with a small routine: even 15 minutes a day could help you stay grounded and improve your mental and physical wellness. There are hundreds of amazing yogis providing free classes on YouTube; I recommend “Yoga with Adriene”:

The first step in taking care of yourself is being aware of your empathic tendencies and then creating habits in your life that maintain your boundaries and protect your energy so you do not end up experiencing burnout. These three practices of meditation, crystal healing and yoga are long-utilized, excellent options for your optimal wellbeing!

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