Summer Festival Jewelry Picks: Mala and Me Style Guide

Summer Festival Jewelry Picks: Mala and Me Style Guide

Let the summer festivities begin! 

Whether you’re exploring an outdoor music festival, street performance, beach bash or lake party, there is an opportunity to accent your outfit with healing jewelry that promotes creativity, love and unity. Bring your summer vibes up a notch with Mala and Me healing accents. 

Here are our top five summer festival jewelry picks: 

Matte Grey Druzy Bracelet 

The Matte Grey Druzy Bracelet is a fashionable, healing piece that would be a great addition to any festival outfit. The stones have open geodes in them, giving it a beautiful sparkle. The bracelet is a great layering piece that can be paired with other natural materials such as wood or leather.

Grey druzy agate promotes love and courage. It supports elevating thoughts of optimism and welcoming of new life experiences. Soak up your summer festivals with the Matte Grey Druzy Bracelet. 

Revelstoke Mala

Enhance your outdoor nature experience with a soothing, peaceful and fragrant wood necklace. The Revelstoke Mala is part of our beautiful nature collection and includes a natural wood material that attracts positive vibrations and promotes an optimistic frame of mind. Attract positive energy around you and share that beautiful energy with the crowd with the Revelstoke Mala

White Floral Kimono 

This flowy, light kimono is the perfect accessory to throw on with your summer outfit. It looks great with dresses, shorts and bathing suits, and is an easy piece to pack away if you’re camping at an outdoor festival. The White Floral Kimono is a flattering fit for all body types and brings the festival feel to any outfit. 

Mountain Necklace

If you’re looking for a minimalist piece to wear for the whole weekend of your festival, this would be our recommendation! The Mountain Necklace is simple and fashionable, and is a great layering piece with longer necklaces. The gold medal pairs well with summer colours and patterns, and promotes those outdoor, nature vibes. 

Rose Quartz Earrings

What better energy to share with a crowd than that of pure love. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It builds harmony and opens the heart to promote self-love, friendships and relationships. These beautiful Rose Quartz Earrings would be a delicate and stunning accent to add to your summer outfit 

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