The Meaning Behind a Broken Mala

The Meaning Behind a Broken Mala

Every year, we receive a few messages from customers stating their Mala has broken. Very few of our Malas break, but if, and when, this happens, it can be devastating. 

In Western culture, breaking something - especially a piece of jewelry - is considered a negative experience. Most of us take our broken jewelry to a jeweler to have it fixed so we can wear it again. Especially if it was expensive. 

Breaking a Mala is not the same a breaking a gold chain necklace or losing the backs of your earrings. Traditionally, this type of break symbolizes that you have broken through a karmic cycle or pattern you were working through. For instance, if the intention you set for your Mala was forgiveness of self, it is believed that your Mala would break when you have finally, truly forgiven yourself and moved forward. 

In this way, a broken Mala is not a negative experience. It symbolizes rebirth, growth, and new life. It's a cause for celebration! 

What Should I Do If I Break My Mala? 

If you break a Mala you have deeply bonded with, it is important to cleanse this piece to invite and welcome a new beginning. We recommend using sunlight, sound, smudging (saging), and prayer. During prayer, thank the higher power you believe in for your recent transformation and pay tribute to your Mala for helping you achieve this milestone. Ritual is very powerful and will help set you on a positive path after the break. 

What Do I Do Now? 

At this point, we encourage you to purchase a new Mala and set a new intention. The previous Mala you wore served its purpose, and the break now leaves room for a new beginning and new realizations.

If, however, you do not believe in this process and would prefer to have your Mala back, we would be happy to restring it for you. You can learn more about Mala restrings on our FAQ page. 


Have you recently broken a Mala? We'd love to hear about your experience. Comment below to share your story. 

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