When Do I Need to Cleanse My Mala?

When Do I Need to Cleanse My Mala?

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When it comes to cleansing crystals and stones, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to the questions "should I cleanse my Mala?" and "how often should I cleanse my Mala?" Just as each person is unique, the energy a crystal produces for a person is also unique. When you wear a crystal or stone, it absorbs both negative and positive energy. A cleanse is said to eliminate the negative energy your crystal has absorbed. 

So, when should I cleanse my Mala?

There isn't a specific time-frame for when you should cleanse your Mala - we recommend using your intuition. If you have had a hard day, week, or month, taking the time to cleanse your Mala could act as a way of cleansing yourself. 

Looking at the dictionary definition of the word cleanse helps us understand and comprehend what it really means to cleanse: 

Cleanse: rid (a person, place or thing) of something seen as unwanted, unpleasant or defiling

Consider each cleanse of your Mala as a new birth or a way to recharge. Let go of those things no longer serving you and move forward. 

Okay, now how do I cleanse my Mala? 

On a full moon, place your Mala in the moonlight and leave it there overnight. You can place your Mala outside or leave it in an area of your house where the moonlight reaches. The moonlight will recharge your Mala bringing you more positive energy. 

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