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On Vacation With Your Mala

Our friends over at took some Mala's on a recent trip to Mexico. The company has created a culture where taking a moment is crucial. They sparked some inspiration for us to talk about some of the benefits of taking your Mala with you wherever you go. 

Each stone that our Mala's are created from stands for something unique and special. Some Mala's provide protection, and others provide support. You can think of your mala as a way to feel connected wherever you go. 

Traditionally, a mala is for meditation. There are so many benefits to meditating, or focussing on your breath, such as the calming of the mind. While on vacation, if you find yourself drifting into frustration of not knowing the native language, or not knowing where you are going, hold onto your mala, and #takeamoment , to breathe and regroup.

This post features the Connection Mala: Made from Amazonite, this mala empowers one to search within and discover your truths and integrity , helping to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values. When travelling, it is important to be open to others beliefs and values, which is why the Connection Mala is perfect for being your little travel buddy. 

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